Disabled powerboat No. 55/2013

Station:  DUN LAOGHAIRE             05/10/2013  Lifeboat No:  ON1200 GIN: DUB2182/13
Launch:  12:15  Return:  13:30  H/W:  12:18
Type of casualty:  POWERED BOAT    POWERED BOAT
Cause of Service:  MACHNRY FAIL
Wind:  SW   Force: 3    GENTLE BREEZ  Visibility:  GOOD          Sea:  SLIGHT        Weather:  PART CLOUDY

The ALB was tasked by the Coast Guard to a motor boat which had engine failure near the Kish Light
House. When the ALB reached the casualty they had managed to restart their engine. The Lifeboat
then escorted the motor boat to Dun Laoghaire Marina.